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Members of the Art Nouveau Rotary Club

We share from our experience

President of the Art Nouveau Rotary Club 2022-2023

Cristina Marinău | member
President-elect 2023 – 2024
Vice-President: 2022 – 2023

Lawyer in Oradea, born in Sibiu, part of two cities with a rich spiritual, cultural and architectural content.
I am happy when I can make those around me happy.

Members of the Art Nouveau Rotary Club

Codruța | Associate member

Ligia Caojdan | member
Secretary 2023-2024

Psychologist by profession, mother of a brilliant girl, she had the chance to always work with and for people. The more than 20 years dedicated to the field of Human Resources, gave him the opportunity to leave his mark both on the development of the business environment and especially on people, guiding and supporting them in the challenging endeavor of professional achievement. He strove to instill in people the belief in a better world, and for that he was actively involved and initiated countless social projects. The more we are, the greater our chances of success. The action is collective, but the contribution is individual.

Radu Bîrlea member

Radu Bîrlea | member
Treasurer 2019-2021
Treasurer 2023-2024

I am married, I have two daughters, so I am a fulfilled man. Economist by profession, graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences Cluj Napoca, passionate about nature, sports and everything beautiful.

Sorina Bradea Project manager - Founding member

Daniela Ionaşcu
Founding member
President: 2018 – 2020

A construction engineer by profession, he always wanted to build, to restore the former value of the historic buildings in our city. Managed. With good thoughts, enthusiasm, love and respect he chose the beautiful: a happy family (all construction engineers), simple friends without pretense and this new soul project Rotary Club Oradea Art Nouveau, of which he is the president.

Angela Tebies Vice President - Founding Member

Angela Tebieș
Founding member
President: 2020 – 2021
Vice President: 2018 – 2020

He is an engineer by profession and is the general manager of SC Novatex SRL Oradea. She knows that her joy and fulfillment come from her beautiful family, wonderful friends, profession and society. Through her service in Rotary, she aims to dedicate herself to a common goal for the good of all, to bring happiness, well-being and serenity to those in need.
Cristian Puscaș | Founding member

Sorina Bradea | Founding member
President: 2021-2022
Vice President: 2020 – 2021
Project manager: 2018 – 2023

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics, Timișoara. Today: grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, friend, entrepreneur, trainer, consultant, mentor... Passions: travel, people, reading. Most recent activity (after grandma!) – writer of stories for big..small children.
Cristian Pușcaș Rotary Art Nouveau Oradea

Cristian Pușcaș | Founding member
President: 2022-2023
Vice President: 2021 – 2022

Born in 1979 in Oradea, married and father of an 8-year-old boy, graduated in 2004 from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Cluj Napoca. Teaching staff at the Faculty of Architecture in Oradea, and architect in his own design office. Since 2009, he has been a certified specialist by the Ministry of Culture in the rehabilitation of built heritage, one of the achievements in the field being the very space we are in today.

Liana Bako | Treasurer - Founding Member

Liana Bako | Founding member
Treasurer: 2018 – 2019

He is a professor at the "Emanuil Gojdu" National College in Oradea, an institution he had the honor of leading. She is passionate about painting and jewelry creation. She has a cheerful, optimistic but also a perfectionist nature. He believes that whenever we hit a closed door there will always be another one that will open, that people are and must be guided by friendship, love, generosity, sincerity.

Monica Costea Secretary - Founding member

Monica Costea | Founding member
Secretary: 2018 – 2020

She is a teacher at the Faculty of Environmental Protection, graduated in Environmental Physics and has a doctorate in renewable energies. He loves everything that is beautiful. He admires the beauty of nature, a mathematical demonstration, a physical theory, but also a theater performance or a slam dunk by the basketball team.
Sanda Dăncescu | Founding member

Sanda Dăncescu | Founding member
Secretary: 2021 – 2022

1982, cheerful and optimistic nature likes music, dance and travel. She is from Oradea with a soul that loves people and knows how to give having, common concepts to the Art Nouveau Rotary Club.
Gianina Gabor Founding member

Gianina Gabor | Founding member

She is from Oradea, a farmer, computer engineer, teacher of the University of Oradea, married, one child, cheerful and optimistic. He likes hiking, loves challenges and wants to help.
Nicoleta Havasi | Founding member

Nicoleta Havași | Founding member

She is a daughter, wife, mother and doctor. She is a positive nature, she likes to see others happy. He loves challenges, and believes that success smiles on the bold. He knows that hard work is the key to success. She considers herself lucky to live in Oradea, the city of Art Nouveau.
Grațiana Iacobescu | member

Grațiana Iacobescu
Treasurer 2022-2023

I am a lawyer by profession, I have a beautiful family, I like reading, traveling, sailing. I love the life I have been given and the people around me. I believe that nothing is accidental in life and that we always have something to learn.
Mirela Lupu | Founding member

Mirela Lupu | Founding member
PR: 2019 – 2024

She is an actress, wife and mother. She is happy to be able to dream, happy to be able to help and proud of all she has done.
Anca Mihai Founding member

Anca Mihai | Founding member

A textile engineer by profession, Anca worked all his life doing his job with passion. Maybe this is one of her qualities, she does everything with passion, even if it's her job, hobbies like landscaping, cooking or tailoring. A cheerful nature, she feels alive when faced with challenges. He values friendship a lot, loves to see people happy. She is proud of her family, it is the place where she gets her energy, where she feels loved and appreciated.
Claudia Morar Founding member

Claudia Morar | Founding member

Combine the supreme art of the teacher with the grace and patience of the psychologist! As Director of the American-Romanian School and Kindergarten, he dedicates his time to working with children, preparing the foundation of an education chosen for them every day!
Antonia Nica Founding member

Antonia Nica | Founding member

As the founder and conductor of the Fiat Lux Choir, music education teacher, Antonia Nica defines herself as a "hunter of privileged moods", moods created by uniting those voices in complex harmonies. As director of the Greco-Catholic High School, Iuliu Maniu coordinates student activity with discipline, dedication and adaptability, proving an ecumenical and altruistic spirit.
Ramona Novicov Founding member

Ramona Novicov | Founding member
Associate member

Historian and art critic, university associate. at the Faculty of Construction, Cadastre and Architecture of the University of Oradea. Author of four specialized books. Collaborator of Digi24 TV station. Member of the International Association of Art Critics and the International Art Nouveau Network. He likes to ski and draw in the sand.
Emilia Pantea Founding member

Emilia Pantea | Founding member
Secretary: 2020 – 2021

She is a graduate of Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Chemistry, PhD in Civil Engineering. Works as head of works within the Faculty of Environmental Protection of the University of Oradea. She loves children, is passionate about reading, traveling, music, dancing and is guided by the Dalai Lama's principle, "Sow a deed, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny".    
Maria Pop | Founding member

Maria Pop
Founding member
Secretary 2022 – 2023

A structural engineer by profession, he strives to educate the young generation, to love buildings, to build durable and beautiful in order to preserve the inherited architectural heritage for as long as possible. She is passionate about sports, cooking and pop-rock music. She is married and has a wonderful daughter.
Marcela Prada Founding member

Marcela Prada | Founding member

From Oradea, farmer, graduate of UP Timisoara, construction engineer, teaching staff of the University of Oradea, married, two daughters, one grandson. Very optimistic, wants to help, doesn't know how to say "NO".

Anca Sabău Founding member

Anca Sabău | Founding member

A loyal person and a convinced family member, she has a lot to give to her two boys, her son Alex and her husband Dacian, combining family life in perfect harmony with her profession. Teaching staff of the University of Oradea and coach of the rhythmic gymnastics section of CSU Oradea, having remarkable results both as an athlete and as a coach, instilled the "virus" of beauty and elegance that characterizes her.
Delia Stoica | Founding member

Delia Stoica | Founding member

She is a graduate of the Cluj Napoca Faculty of Architecture, class of 1983. In 1990, she founded her own fashion business. In the last 10 years he has been active in the social field, specializing in the problems of the elderly. Together with her son, she runs an NGO in Oradea.
Nadina Turc | Founding member

Nadina Turc | Founding member

A graduate of the Faculty of Textiles in Iași, currently general manager of a company that produces textile materials, she has always done her job with great dedication and passion. Loves to travel, loves to cook. He loves the people and the city where he lives. Her joy is when she manages to give happiness to those around her.
Teodora Muth Founding member

Teodora Muth | Founding member

Codruța | member

Codruţa Bala | member

Lawyer and economist by profession. Human Resources Man. Coach. Passionate about people and transforming them into a better version of themselves. I want to contribute to a better world, where people will live their lives with a positive mental attitude and "going the extra mile" without expecting anything in return.

Radu Bîrlea member

Roxana Beișuanu | member
Treasurer: 2021-2022

Graduated from the Faculty of Economic Sciences in Oradea, currently an economist. Cheerful, ambitious and hardworking nature. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, hike, watch movies, and read.
Codruța | Associate member

Ryan Bhageerutty | member

Ryan Bhageerutty is an ophthalmologist by profession, born in Mauritius and settled in Oradea 16 years ago, to train professionally, graduating from the Oradea University of Medicine and Pharmacy. He practices at the polyclinic in Marghita, but also at the two medical centers in Oradea and Marghita, which he owns.
To disconnect from busy days at work and enjoy yourself to have the necessary energy again, cook and choose to travel for the delight of discovering new adventures.

Oana | member

Oana David | member

Lawyer, graduate of the Faculty of Law from Oradea. In line with my chosen profession, I like challenges, diversity, the desire to help people and, last but not least, to do everything in my power to bring the truth to light. On the other hand, I like everything related to spirituality, art, nonconformity. I love children and I believe that development, evolution and everything related to them should be the ultimate goal in our lives, for all of us, whether they are part of our family or whether life has not given them to us personally.

Cristina Marinau member

Cristina Marinău | member
President: 2023 – 2024

Lawyer in Oradea, born in Sibiu, part of two cities with a rich spiritual, cultural and architectural content.
I am happy when I can make those around me happy.

Szanto | member

Anamaria Miheş | member

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Tourism Geography.
I have my own business in the field of refrigerated transport of goods and I am at the beginning of the road in real estate development.
I am married. I have a child. A great family. Together with Rotary Art Nouveau I can add something to the community!
Dorina Oros member

Dorina Oros | member

Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at UMF Iuliu Hațeganu Cluj-Napoca, primary dentist in her own office. Selflessness and passion in everything he does. Loves books, people, animals, travel, art in all its forms. He wanted to be a part of the big Rotary family by joining this wonderful Rotary Art Nouveau club out of a desire to help.

Mihaela Popovici | member

Mihaela Popovici | member

I am a teacher, a graduate of the Technical University "Gh. Asachi" from Iași and the Faculty of Chemistry from Cluj Napoca, and the desire to stimulate my two children, of whom I am very proud, creative thinking, emotional and social skills, then motivated me to establish an educational NGO. I have a wonderful family, it is my source of energy, the place where I find harmony and hearts full of love.

Alexander | member

Alexandru Precup | member

My name is Precup Alexandru Iosif. I am double licensed, a graduate of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Faculty of General Medicine at the "Iuliu Hatieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca.
I am a specialist in Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery since 2016 and I carry out my professional activity at the Bihor Emergency County Clinical Hospital, and privately at my own clinic, where the areas of interest are oral surgery, dental implantology, periodontology and supra-implant prosthetics.
I also have a teaching activity, within the Department of Dental Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Oradea University.

Claudia | member

Claudia Marioara Sarbu | member

I am 68 years old, and I am an economist by profession. I am retired, but I am still active in my accounting firm and the financial audit and tax consulting office. I am married and have two wonderful boys, one an automotive engineer and one a veterinarian! I like numbers, but at the same time I like to read, go to the theater, watch movies and travel. Most of all, I like to help my peers. I believe that through the Oradea Art Nouveau Rotary club I can do it in an organized and more efficient way. This is why I am glad that I was accepted as a member of this club.

Szanto | member

Camelia Szanto Torj | member

I am CAMELIA, daughter, wife, mother, friend, a complex, unique being, with a past, present and future, with dreams and hopes, with stories to tell, with adventures lived, sometimes colorful, sometimes interesting but above all I am a MAN... I am honest, without hypocrisy, full of passion, fragile and vulnerable, unpredictable many times.
I am a MAN who always makes time for a kind word, a comfort, a smile, a joy, a hug, a MAN with a destiny, that's all.
Simona member

Simona Schiţcu | member

I was born in Oradea. I love this city more and more, which grows year by year, changes its appearance, becoming more beautiful, more promising. I love people, I love my family where they met and linked their lives many and varied destinies. I am fascinated by semi-precious stones and colors, indulge in beading and painting. Rotary Club Art Nouveau has become a soul project, and the wonderful desired "Service Above Self" gives me an extra chance in my perfection as a person and I feel honored to be able to contribute to the joy, maybe even the happiness of others.

Codruța | Associate member

Codruţa Vancea | member

Graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, UBB, Cluj Napoca, with 25 years of activity in higher education in Oradea, associate doctor, then associate at an IT company and passionate about writing, married, one daughter. Author of three books of poetry. I therefore consider myself a fulfilled man. I love people, nature, everything that represents beauty and I'm happy when I can do something to make people happy.

Cornelia Associate member

Cornelia Spoială | Associate member

I am a pediatrician at the "Curteanu" Municipal Hospital.
I love my job, family, but also music, flowers, friends, travel, books.
I admire the involvement of the RAN club in solving the problems of the Oradea, Bihor community. The wheel (Rotary symbol) spins "from the people of Oradea for the people of Oradea".